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Mascot International has a full range of professional production equipments, starting from Research and development¡BSMT¡BDIP to Assembly¡Awe are capable of doing you OEM, ODM and production service from the start to the end of a production cycle for your products.

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Factory Facility

  SMT Machines   Assembling and QC Facilities
  Facility Model Number Quantity   Facility Model Number Quantity
  Semi-Auto Paste Machine DER-3040C2P 2   Component Flow line(convey)   1
  Automatic LOADER/UNLOADER DER-2535L 2   Flow Line(Convey)   4
  Full Vision Mounter Samsung CP45FV (Full Vision Mounter) 2   Automatic Oven SE-250-CA 1
  Unleaded Oven TSK-8000 2   Artificial Oven   2
  Automatic Reciver   2   Cutter   2
  Automatic Paste Stirring Machine   2   Component Assembly   4
  Oven   1   Resistor Assembly   2
          Resistor F Assembly   1
          Assembly line   1
          Oven   2
          Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine   1
          Computing Resistor Tester   10
          Hot Wrap Machine   1
          Ultrasonic Sealing Machine TCP-8-127 2
Factory Procedure
. SMT Procedure form . DIP Procedure form